Himalayan Crystal Salt - Salt for Life

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Unique Qualities of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the most valuable, cleanest salt Rock saltavailable on this planet. It's a natural product of the highest bio-energetic quality without any additives.

Himalayan Crystal Salt was formed millions of years ago when the ancient sea dried up. Through continental drift and the movement of tectonic plates, layers of dried salt were moved to always-deeper regions of our planet. A part of this salt ended up deep beneath the Himalayas; at over 8000m above sea level they are the highest mountains on earth. This pressure was the cause of the formation of this crystal salt. The higher the compression, the more perfect the crystalline structure. It was never exposed to any pollutants.

Under this considerable pressure, the 88 out of 94 possible elements are brought into specific tiny particle size (colloidal size). This is important because our cells can only absorb what is available organically or ionic-colloidal. This ensures that the essential elements can be readily absorbed and metabolised. From a biochemical point of view the body benefits not only from these absorbed minerals and trace elements, but also from the frequencies or vibration patterns of the crystal salt. AddiCrystal salt lamps and tea lightsng water to crystal salt results in brine, called 'sole', and the life force energy stored in the crystal is released. In German, the word sole, which is derived from the Latin word 'sol', means sun. Sole is nothing but the fluid materialization of sunlight. Sole is the most flexible physical representation of pure solar and light energy. This energy is directly connected to every vital biological process, which comes about when water and salt are combined. Biophysical tests have shown that taking crystal salt brine on a regular basis can have a positive effect on the human body as long as the salt lumps have not been mechanically processed, but have been manually broken up. White Rock Himalayan Crystal Salt has been manually broken up and selected to preserve this unique quality.


Seal of Quality

White Rock Himalayan Crystal Salt has a seal of quality from the German food technology laboratory 'Dr.R.Böhm' in Munich. It guaranties regular monitoring of the raw materials, the grinding process and the production facilities.